Quantitative Microanalysis

18 August 2024, Trinity College, Dublin

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The cost will be €110 (including VAT).

This full day short course will combine live on-instrument demonstrations with lectures covering fundamental aspects of quantitative microanalysis. The course will cover three main aspects: 1) qualitative and quantitative X-ray Microanalysis in the SEM; 2) mapping and feature analysis in the SEM and 3) Laser Ablation ICP-MS. We will split the course into 3 hours of lectures together with three hours of demonstrations utilising instruments at TCD (details to add). Subjects covered in lectures will include both the fundamental physical basis for microanalysis and outlines of practical approaches to mineral characterisation. Tutors for the course are drawn from TCD’s own expertise and EMAS (European Microbeam Analysis Society – https://www.microbeamanalysis.eu/ ). Lunch and breaks are included in the course cost.