Synchrotron techniques: fundamentals and practicals with specific focus on environmental topics

16–17 August 2024, Trinity College, Dublin

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The workshop will offer both theoretical/introductory lectures on some of the most relevant synchrotron-based techniques for mineralogical studies, and practicals, realised through exercises developed using open source softwares. Moreover, lectures dedicated to the contribution of the synchrotron-based characterization of minerals and geomaterials on the finalization of environmental studies will be delivered. Students and researchers attending the workshop will be asked to made a short presentation on their interest/research during one of the days of the workshop.

Scientific Committee

F. Di Benedetto, G. De Giudici, C. Meneghini, G. Giuli

Confirmed Speakers

F. Di Benedetto (Univ. Ferrara), G. Giuli (Univ. Camerino), C. Meneghini (Univ. Roma 3), G. De Giudici (Univ. Cagliari), Simone Anzellini (Valencia), Anna Herlihy (Diamond, UK), Marco Merlini (Univ. Milano)

Day 1

Introductory lectures

  • Introduction to X-ray fluorescence
  • Introduction to X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Introduction to advanced XANES studies
  • Introduction to PDF
  • Introduction to non-ambient condition studies
  • Introduction to X-ray tomography (La Bella)

Lectures on Application to Environmental studies

  • Environment and Synchrotron Techniques
  • Mineral weathering and stability
  • XAS and environmental studies
  • Short presentation by attendees of the workshop

Day 2

Tutorials and practicals

  • How to apply to SR facilities
  • Practicals on Spectral normalization, extraction of the EXAFS, spectral fit in pre-edge, XANES and EXAFS regions
  • Practicals consisting on extrapolation of analytical information from raw hyperspectral X-ray microFluorescence maps
  • Practicals on SR single crystal X-ray determination
  • Practicals on PDF analysis
  • Practical tutorial on elaboration of tomographic dbs